Top Factors For Successful SEO In 2019

The SEO industry is evolving, but the fundamentals in local SEO has remained the same. There have been changes to how local businesses are displayed on first page, but as SEO’s we have to maintain our long term plans and focus on the fundamentals that have remained consistent in providing results to our clients.

top factors for ranking

Optimizing content is the most important aspect in ranking websites. Content defines what a website is about. Users seek out information, services or products and by providing one of those three things a website becomes useful and relevant to searches.

The content of a site should be optimized to answer questions. With the development of the knowledge panel in Googles search displays, it’s clear they have put an emphasis on finding answers quickly, easy and accurately. Content needs to provide users with answers to their questions and streamlined to cover a wide variety of key phrases in order to achieve success in the search results. The optimization of a websites content remains among the most important factors in ranking a website.

One of the most notable updates in 2018 was “mobile-first” indexing. This update was one of a series of benchmark updates that indicated the emphasis of mobile responsiveness in order to achieve top search results. The message was clear: If your site is not responsive and mobile friendly, you will be left in the dust. The official word was that websites would not be penalized immediately, but their days were numbered. the take away that SEO’s confirmed was that if your site was optimized for mobile display, a positive signal and priority was awarded to your site that contributed to more positive results in the search listings.

We have witnessed a huge shift from desktop searches to mobile searches and the trend continues. The smart phone will eventually dominate the majority of searches and optimizing websites for display on mobile screen sizes will be a huge factor moving forward-especially if your website is not responsive.

Establishing a solid strategy for developing the expertise, authority and trust of a website has remained a top priority for ranking competitively. There is value in demonstrating the expertise a company possesses through their website and associated web properties. The amount of instances a company has been published on credible websites is a major addition to the authority and trust factors that Google still considers when placing a website in their search results. The more credible links, reviews and referrals that are made to a website, the more developed the overall profile. This makes back linking a high priority for SEO’s in achieving competitive rankings.

It has become a necessity for companies to hire a professional in order to appear on the first page of Google for keywords that attract sales. To create a strong a presence in searches related to your business, hire an SEO expert Toronto based, with a good reputation. The larger agencies tend to work slower and charge more so a good freelance company may be your best bet if you own a small business and are looking to grow in your local market.